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Fudan University Press (FUP), established in May of 1981, is a comprehensive academic publishing house of key importance under the Ministry of Education of the People¨s Republic of China. After great efforts of over 35 years, currently FUP releases over 1,000 new titles each year. The total of more than 16,000 titles have been published since its establishment, covering the realms of monographs, textbooks, biographies, dictionaries and reference books, as well as a variety of non-fiction books for general readers.

FUP has formed its own distinguished features in the areas of humanities, social sciences, journalism and communication, economics and management, early education, sciences, medical science, and foreign languages and literature. As a university press, it holds a high prestige in China and abroad by publishing a large quantity of excellent books that are valuable to cultural accumulation and dissemination. More than 370 titles have won important awards, including Chinese Book Award, Chinese Government Award and Chinese Best Publications Award.

FUP has established a friendly and cooperative relationship with many internationally prestigious publishers in different countries and regions. It will continue to strengthen the international cooperation and welcome the opportunity to work with more wonderful publishers. By sticking to its own characteristics and taking advantage of its rich experience and resources, FUP is dedicated to playing a more important role internationally.

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