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Author£ºLi Bin & Cao Shule
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2016

It is the first academic work to elucidate European communication, which has been written by the team of communication studies of Tsinghua University for ten years. With the main line of different communication problems in different times, it sorts out the research achievements from modern European scholars and schools of communication science, it analyses the subject¡¯s theoretical evolution in detail, it embodies its wisdom in the last hundred years. Besides the extensive first-hand documents used as reference, it is also rich in content and explicit in structure, thus it can be viewed as a guide to relative research or a textbook for the communication science.

ISBN£º 978-7-309-09970-6/Z.70
Author£ºJiang Xiaoyuan
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2013

This series has won seven awards, including the First Chinese Great Books, the First Prize of the Thirteenth Shanghai Book Award. The author starts with a variety of anecdotes to reveal the truth about science. Furthermore, the book removes blind worshipness off the pedestal and return to where it should belong. The second volume is the sequel of the first volume with even more brilliant anecdotes, stronger ideas and more insertive opinions.

Author£ºYi Zhongtian
Date of publication£ºNovember 2007

This book is one of the most important works considered by the author. It explores the hidden reason underneath the formation and destruction of the Chinese imperial system.

Author£ºLiang Qichao & Zhu Weizheng
Date of publication£ºMay 2016

This book is originally written by Liang Qichao based on "the evolution of Chinese academic in the past three hundred years", and makes a comprehensive interpretation by the eminent professor Zhu Weizheng. It will be of great referential value to the scholars who study the history of Chinese academic thought, archaeology, modern political society and cultural history.

Author£ºRui Chuanming
Date of publication£ºMarch 2017

The book has been well crafted over one decade by a prestigious historian, Dr. Rui Chuanming, with his research results on historic events of Silk Road. It teases out the great events related to Silk Road and elaborates on their humanistic implication, including but not limited to the nature of silk export, making peace with rulers of minority nationalities by marriage, cultural exchanges between Sute, China and the west, religion dissemination outside China. The topics are focused but the content is rich, the evidences are solid and the description is easy to understand, which make the book knowledgeable and intriguing.

Author£ºYu Jiafang
Date of publication£ºMarch 2017

This book portrays a pictures of music culture and its historical development in China¡¯s different eras from the primitive society to the Qing Dynasty (before the Opium War). It houses reliable historical facts and perspectives along with fluent narration and a variety of pictures which include archaeological excavation, cultural relics and mural paintings.

Author£ºWu Gou
Date of publication£ºMarch 2014

Since the Qin Dynasty, China was long under despotism and tyranny; however, there is also a continuous stretch of autonomy and a tradition of freedom. This is what the author tried to prove in this micro historical work, and he succeeded by adopting lively description, detailed material and reasonable logic.

Author£ºLuo Yuming
Date of publication£ºMarch 2009

Having unified the entire civilized world as he knew it, Ying Zheng in 221 B.C. renamed himself Qin Shi Huangdi, translated as First Emperor of Qin. Now, he is also recognized as the first emperor of China. But who provided him the chance to ascend the throne of Qin State? Who was his biological father? Powerbrokers: Conspiracies in Chinese History tells you the thrilling plots behind his success. This collection of short stories also houses the most famous Chinese emperors, ministers and their kin, unfolds scenes of their fierce competition, describes their conspiracies for power, and offers a peek into Chinese traditional politics. The historical re-enactor, Prof. Luo Yuming is a leading scholar in Chinese literature and one of the most popular teachers at Fudan University. This time, he brings these stories to life with his profound knowledge, sharp insight as well as a touch of vivid imagination, which distinguish the book as a whole.


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