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Author£ºWang Kailin
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2016

The author talks to his child about 50 truths of life, which include many aspects of life and society. For example, helping others could be tricky; kindness and enthusiasm without a clear mind could be dangerous; where there's a will, there's a way, but it might take longer to figure out a way; what makes someone successful? when they have the ability to retrieve happiness; do a little good thing everyday, and you will find your gains.

Author£ºChina Education Association for International Exchange Branch
Date of publication£ºDecember 2021

In order to further study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee and effectively implement the document requirements of Promoting the Education Action of Jointly Building the Belt and Road and the Opinions of eight departments of the Ministry of Education on Accelerating and Expanding the opening-up of Education in the New Era, the Belt and Road Education International Exchange Branch of the China Education Association for International Exchange has launched a collection of outstanding cases of international education exchange of the Belt and Road. All units actively participated in the selection of a large number of distinctive case stories.
   This book selects 35 excellent cases from 33 schools of higher education, vocational education and basic education in China. It shares the exploration and practice of education internationalization carried out by each unit since 2013 in regional cooperation, platform construction, personnel training, cooperative education, youth exchange, scientific research cooperation and other aspects focusing on the "Belt and Road" and international education exchanges. Each case in the book is accompanied by photographs, which truly record the wonderful moments of internationalization practice.
   Through vivid and detailed text and pictures, this book reproduces the development process of the case, and extracts, summarizes and analyzes the characteristic practices, innovative achievements and experience in the field of international exchange of "The Belt and Road" education. By summarizing and exchanging good practices and experiences, learning from specific cases and grasping the law, this book aims to promote the units and institutions at all levels of education to learn typical examples and make comprehensive progress, so as to further tell the "China story", create new heights of education opening to the outside world, provide a platform for experience sharing and exchange, better serve the society and improve the ability to promote the development of education internationalization in China.

Author£ºBao Pengshan
Date of publication£ºDecember 2015

The book is a combination of the author's research strengths, the educational philosophy of modern civilization, and the rich practical experience he gained from years of teaching. The author learned and retrieved rich resources from traditional culture, especially from our ancestor Confucius who created humanity education two thousand years ago. The author, by answering six questions on education, comments on the current problems Chinese education currently faces with and clearly points a way out of this situation.

Author£ºYang Fujia
Date of publication£ºApril 2017

The author, with his rich educational practices and educational management experience, elaborates the status quo, the history, the meaning, the important elements of liberal arts education and the importance of having liberal arts education in China's higher education institutes. He also introduces the liberal arts education in the western countries from his very historical, international and open perspective. The book is a combination of theory as well as real specific practices.


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