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Author£ºWang Yonghao
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2017

This is a comprehensive book of the history of category in Chinese ancient literary criticism, including its formation, main features, and inner relations. A large number of documents, in-depth analysis, plus complete summary of all the text categories make the book rich in content.

Author£ºWang Zheng
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2016

This book comprehensively uses the multidisciplinary knowledge of history, literature, media, art, sociology, cultural studies and so on. The historical period of the research object is from the late Qing Dynasty to the contemporary. The visual reproduction means include the images from film and television, journals, advertising, photography, image of special characters and etc. In this book, it is clear that visual studies is promising as an emerging interdisciplinary field, and that gender is an indispensable category.

Author£ºLi Qizhong
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2011
Series£º Appreciation of Classics

Author£ºWu Xiaoming
Date of publication£ºOctober 2016

This book makes an objective analysis of the academic self-assertion in China, the spiritual reconstruction of contemporary China and its ideological resources, the development of China's pacifism, its historical significance in the world, and the "Chinese School".

Author£ºWang Yonghao
Date of publication£ºOctober 2012
Series£º Appreciation of Classics

Author£ºZhu Jieren
Date of publication£ºOctober 2007
Series£º Appreciation of Classics

Author£ºZhang Xinying
Date of publication£ºNovember 2014
Series£º Contemporary Scholar Library of Fudan University

As a major role of this book, Shen Congwen is one of the most outstanding litterateurs as well as a famous cultural history expert in the 20th century in China. This book focuses on the following points:
   1. Basic comprehension of Shen Congwen and his literature, ideas and cultural practices which reverberates in the last hundred years and this century
   2. The introduction to Shen Congwen¡¯s study on cultural relics, and the emphasis of this part is the internal consistency between his literary and antiquarian work
   3. The discussion of Shen Congwen¡¯s influence on Chinese contemporary literature through specific contemporary works.

Author£ºCai Yijiang
Date of publication£ºNovember 2008
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Mr. Cai Yijiang is an outstanding expert in the poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasties. He concisely and clearly explains to readers all kinds of knowledge of Ci, such as names, genre characteristics, evolution process and famous schools. Meanwhile, he makes accurate annotation and translation of each Ci in this book.


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