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Author£ºWang Shuizhao
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2016

Wang Anshi was an extremely important politician, scholar, thinker and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. For nearly a thousand years, Wang Anshi's writings except poetry collection seemed to be widely scattered, and that is why, there was not an academically recognized book of high quality that could be used for researchers until the publication of this one. "The Complete Works of Wang Anshi" is edited by Wang Shuizhao, the chair professor of Fudan University and his team devoted years of research and compiling work to fully show the fruitful collection of Wang Anshi and his son Wang Pang. It is an important achievement in the collation of ancient books. It is of great significance to the studies of political history of the Song Dynasty, the history of philosophy, the history of literature, the academic history, and even the study of the whole Chinese cultural history.

Author£ºQiu Xigui
Date of publication£ºOctober 2012

It is an academic masterpiece anthology by Prof. Qiu Xigui, a top scholar in paleography, who makes the book as one of the most important works in the field.

Author£ºZhu Hengfu
Date of publication£ºNovember 2013

This collection includes a total of 10 volumes introducing sixty titles of China's most famous qu plays with reviews.

Author£ºNational Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of Fudan University
Date of publication£ºJune 2015

This collection is a selection of texts and documents recording North Korean Envoys during their mission to Japan since the beginning of the fifteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century.

Author£ºLu Gusun
Date of publication£ºAugust 2015

The Chinese-English Dictionary (CED) is a great project in humanities, with Lu Gusun as Editor-in-Chief. As a large-scale Chinese-English dictionary, it aims at innovation and breakthrough both in its width and depth. It has great coverage of entries and senses. Aiming at a high percentage of consultation ¡°hits¡±, the CED has an estimated 20,000 single-character entries, 300,000 multi-character entries, including 20,000 idioms and common sayings, and over 500,000 senses. It has a wide scope of target users. The target users of the CED are from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other overseas Chinese communities, as well as non-native Chinese speakers and learners in foreign countries. The CED follows a form-concept mapping framework wherein established meanings are arranged and contextual data organized in such a way as to meet possible cognitive needs of its target users, thereby facilitating their consultation

Author£ºTakatsu Takashi
Date of publication£ºAugust 2013

This collection has a total of 36 volumes, by photocopying the original text documents including 71 existing books about Ryukyu Kingdom from Japan, the U.S. and China.

Author£ºNational Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of Fudan University
Date of publication£ºAugust 2011

This collection is a selection of the most valuable texts and documents recording Korean Envoys during their mission to China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties since the beginning of the fifteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century.


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