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Author£ºLiu Shengzhong
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2013

This is a groundbreaking book in a way, because it is one of the earliest books to use Western sociological theories in local researches in China, and has drawn a series of original conclusions in the characteristics of Chinese Communist Party and the government, the structural relation between Chinese political parties and the government. It studies the kernal problems and leads audience to a sensitive but key zone of the reality in modern China, which is compelling and thought-provoking.

Author£ºLin Shangli
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2012

Democracy is the inevitable requirement of modernization. As in today's China, democracy is vital to socialism with Chinese characteristics. The mission of democracy is to create a comprehensive development for society and all citizens; therefore, democracy is the core value of human civilization, and also the common pursuit of the Chinese people. The focus of this book is not what China has done in democracy construction, but how China promotes democracy in its development and progress. The book consists of three parts: theory, strategy and agenda. The theory session presents the general theoretical logic and specific conception in constructing democracy. The strategy session analyzes the basic strategic objective and principle. The agenda session studies the agenda and concrete practices to promote democracy construction since China's reform and openning.

Author£ºHu Junzhi
Date of publication£ºNovember 2011

If China's people's congress system is viewed as a political machine, the major role it designed and started the engine is the Chinese Communist Party. This book is based on reliable historical data and relevant research results from home and abroad with in-depth analysis of its development and evolution.

Author£ºArchives of Fudan University
Date of publication£ºMay 2020

Mr. Chen Wangdao is an early disseminator of Marxism in China and the first translator of the Communist Manifesto into Chinese. The album shows the whole process of the birth, publication and dissemination of the full Chinese version of the Communist Manifesto, as well as its great influence on the Chinese revolution and revolutionaries.The album also faithfully restored Mr. Wang Dao's spiritual pursuit, moral articles and moral style in his life, hoping to spread the "taste of truth" more widely and unite the power of faith.

Author£ºWang Haifeng
Date of publication£ºJuly 2012

In contemporary China, cadre system is located in each and every structure of China's party, government, military, society, and community. It exists and functions in almost every field of the state and society. In other words, contemporary China is a "Cadre State," and cadres play a huge role in the form of Chinese party organization. This book analyzes the foundation, mechanism, operation as well as the problems of the system.

Author£ºHan Fuguo
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2017

This book focuses on the scientific procedure and method of deliberative democracy in China; furthermore, it adjusts and designs a new method according to the local cases in Shanghai that already practiced deliberative democracy. This book is mainly for scientific decision-making and deliberative public opinion collection in public decision making.

Author£ºTang Liang
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2014

This book is written by an overseas Chinese scholar with an international perception from the perspective of comparative politics, using comparative study to re-interpret China's democracy and the mode of modern development.

Author£ºZhu Shenming
Date of publication£ºApril 2017

Deliberative democracy is an important part of the political development in contemporary China, and it is also an important part of China's governance of modernization. Deliberative democracy at the local level is the most active form of practice in socialist deliberative democracy. Democracy Deliberation of Wenling is a local case of deliberative practice in China. After more than 10 years of arduous exploration, it has newly launched dialogue type, decision-making type, inner-party democracy type, participatory budget type and collective wage negotiation type as five basic types of democratic deliberation.


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