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ISBN£º 978-7-309-11626-7/G.1492
Author£ºLi Bin & Cao Shule
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2016

It is the first academic work to elucidate European communication, which has been written by the team of communication studies of Tsinghua University for ten years. With the main line of different communication problems in different times, it sorts out the research achievements from modern European scholars and schools of communication science, it analyses the subject¡¯s theoretical evolution in detail, it embodies its wisdom in the last hundred years. Besides the extensive first-hand documents used as reference, it is also rich in content and explicit in structure, thus it can be viewed as a guide to relative research or a textbook for the communication science.

Author£ºZhou Ying
Date of publication£ºMarch 2022

   With the loss of great powers and the innovation of academic traditions since 2008, as well as the practice of Chinese communication ideas such as the Community of Human Destiny and the "Belt and Road" Initiative in the field of global communication, Oriental wisdom and Asian philosophy are gradually showing vitality and influence in the international field. In the face of the defects and deficiencies of Western communication ideas and the rise of eastern communication ideas, an efficient and in-depth theoretical integration needs to be established. Committed to the core proposition of "What is the Asian Proposition and how to build it", this book not only focuses on the media practice and academic research trends in Asia, but also focuses on the status quo of international exchanges and global governance in Asia. The perspectives of media geography and political economy are incorporated into the research process. With the help of the thinking method of computer big data processing, it clarifies the evolution of some quantitative laws in macro international relations, and further explains the globalization expansion and operation process of Asian advocacy through case analysis, so as to reveal the elements that the communication research Asian advocacy relies on, such as spatial geography, historical culture, realistic transformation and western experience. And then put forward the basic content and construction approach of the Asian proposition.
   This book argues that the Asian proposition of communication theory should be the core value followed by the Institute of Asian Communication Theory. It focuses on the Asian consciousness and Asian voice in the context of global communication, and aims to reshape the appearance and cognition of Asian communication theory, based on the multi-temporal structure and culture of Asia, and based on the modern Asian context of transformation. Integrate the east and the west to outline the emergence and evolution of Asian communication theory and finally face the global media practice, inter-regional civilization dialogue and global risk management.


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