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Author£ºJi Deyu
Date of publication£ºFebruary 2011

This is an interesting book for reading and learning about the origin and stories of Chinese characters.

Author£ºYang Li and Ye Shuxian
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2019

This book is the first academic monograph to comprehensively discuss the new methodology of humanistic research, the ¡°Quadruple Evidence¡±, which is suitable for readers majoring in literature, history, politics, law and art, and has methodological guidance and Enlightenment for interdisciplinary thinking and researchers.

Author£ºYe Shuxian
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2019

Author£ºRen Huo
Date of publication£ºJuly 2020

This book introduces Chinese National Spirit through ancient heroes'stories.

Author£ºZhu Wansen
Date of publication£ºApril 2014

The contents, including origin of chemical elements, Big Bang Theory, formation of life, evolution of bioelements, physiological functions of chemical elements in life, biochemical cycles, close links between humans and environment, are systematically elaborated in this book.

Author£ºGao Hong
Date of publication£ºMay 2019

By exploring the role of economic agglomeration in urban development, this book found that economic agglomeration effect is not only beneficial to improve the productivity of individual Labour market performance, but also accelerates the city industry development, manufacturing and service industries and promotes efficiency of economic development.The research in this book provides support for urbanization models that promote economic agglomeration and encourage the development of large cities.

Author£ºMa Tao, Song Lizhi, Li Wei
Date of publication£ºJuly 2020

This book is a collection of the results of the 18th annual meeting of the Chinese Society for Economic Thought and History held in Fudan University¡£
   This book mainly discusses the historical connection between ancient, modern and modern economic thought of China and China's economic development, explores and summarizes the process and inspiration of China's development path from the perspective of historical development, and serves for the establishment of socialist market economy theory with Chinese characteristics.

Author£ºChen Shiyi
Date of publication£ºMay 2020

The book starts with major practical issues, such as how to deal with the economic and financial impact of the epidemic, how to safely resume work and production, how to achieve the set economic and social development goals, and how to improve the public governance capacity in relevant fields in the "post-epidemic era".
   In this book, the major issues of economic development and social governance in the context of the epidemic have been systematically sorted out and answered, with emphasis on scientific analysis and accurate assessment, and countermeasures proposed on this basis.


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