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Author£ºLu Gusun
Date of publication£ºAugust 2015

The Chinese-English Dictionary (CED) is a great project in humanities, with Lu Gusun as Editor-in-Chief. As a large-scale Chinese-English dictionary, it aims at innovation and breakthrough both in its width and depth. It has great coverage of entries and senses. Aiming at a high percentage of consultation ¡°hits¡±, the CED has an estimated 20,000 single-character entries, 300,000 multi-character entries, including 20,000 idioms and common sayings, and over 500,000 senses. It has a wide scope of target users. The target users of the CED are from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other overseas Chinese communities, as well as non-native Chinese speakers and learners in foreign countries. The CED follows a form-concept mapping framework wherein established meanings are arranged and contextual data organized in such a way as to meet possible cognitive needs of its target users, thereby facilitating their consultation

About the Author£º
Lu Gusun (1940-2016), Professor of English at Fudan University, One of the Most Influential Scholars of English Language in China


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