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ISBN£º 978-7-309-10564-3/K.474
Author£ºFan Shuzhi
Date of publication£ºApril 2015

This book has won the 14th Chinese National Book Award. From the late sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century, the late Ming Dynasty was experiencing the first stage of "globalization" after the discovery of Columbia and many other explorers. While China faced with integrating itself into the global economy and culture, the dynasty rested on its laurels could not possibly grasp the opportunity, but on the contrary, gradually fell apart from internal contradictions between factions. The book develops a unique perspective of viewing the late Ming Dynasty and its connection to the world. Furthermore, it thoroughly interprets the main features of the history of the late Ming Dynasty, and fully demonstrats the structure and charm of narrative history.

About the Author£º
Fan Shuzhi, Professor and PhD Supervisor of History Department of Fudan University, Best-selling Author


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