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Author£ºRui Chuanming
Date of publication£ºMarch 2017

The book has been well crafted over one decade by a prestigious historian, Dr. Rui Chuanming, with his research results on historic events of Silk Road. It teases out the great events related to Silk Road and elaborates on their humanistic implication, including but not limited to the nature of silk export, making peace with rulers of minority nationalities by marriage, cultural exchanges between Sute, China and the west, religion dissemination outside China. The topics are focused but the content is rich, the evidences are solid and the description is easy to understand, which make the book knowledgeable and intriguing.

About the Author£º
Rui Chuanming, PhD Supervisor of National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Fudan University; Expert in History of Ancient Chinese and Foreign Relations, History of Central Eurasian, Ancient Religious Cultural Exchange


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