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Author£ºZhang Xinying
Date of publication£ºNovember 2014
Series£º Contemporary Scholar Library of Fudan University

As a major role of this book, Shen Congwen is one of the most outstanding litterateurs as well as a famous cultural history expert in the 20th century in China. This book focuses on the following points:
1. Basic comprehension of Shen Congwen and his literature, ideas and cultural practices which reverberates in the last hundred years and this century
2. The introduction to Shen Congwen¡¯s study on cultural relics, and the emphasis of this part is the internal consistency between his literary and antiquarian work
3. The discussion of Shen Congwen¡¯s influence on Chinese contemporary literature through specific contemporary works.

About the Author£º
Zhang Xinying, Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University


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