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Author£ºNan Huaijin
Date of publication£ºAugust 2018
Series£º Nan Huaijin Series

Mr. Nan Huaijin, a master of Chinese studies, fully expounded, corrected and quoted the connotation of Lao Tzu with his profound literary and historical background and keen social insight. The book is characterized by explaining profound theories in simple language, clarity and smoothness.

Author£ºNan Huaijin
Date of publication£ºAugust 2018
Series£º Nan Huaijin Series

This book is the lecture of Mr. Nan Huaijin on the Book of Changes. The first part mainly introduces the general knowledge of the Book of Changes and some related issues. The latter part focuses on the interpretation of the 64 hexagrams (beginning with the ¡°Qian¡± hexagram and ending with the ¡°Weiji¡± hexagram), with the most detailed explanation of the ¡°Qian¡± hexagram. This book contains the names, statements, line statements of hexagrams, and he tools to interpret them, like Tuan Ci (Treatise on the Tuan), Xiang Ci (Treatise on the Xiang), and Literary Classical Chinese.

Author£ºHong Xiuping & Chen Hongbin
Date of publication£ºAugust 2009

This book goes way back to the origin of Buddhism in India, and after it merged and spread in China. It discusses the core value system of Buddhism and the different genres of practical method.

Author£ºNan Huaijin
Date of publication£ºApril 2021
Series£º Nan Huaijin Series

In this book, Nan explained the Inner Chapters of Chuang Tzu sentence by sentence, and revealed inherent lines of thought out of leaps and bounds of the text from an East-plus-West academic perspective, and accompanied by penetrating and flexible inspirations, and wide citations from Chinese classics of all ages as well as western religious thoughts.


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