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Author£ºWang Shuizhao
Date of publication£ºSeptember 2016

Wang Anshi was an extremely important politician, scholar, thinker and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. For nearly a thousand years, Wang Anshi's writings except poetry collection seemed to be widely scattered, and that is why, there was not an academically recognized book of high quality that could be used for researchers until the publication of this one. "The Complete Works of Wang Anshi" is edited by Wang Shuizhao, the chair professor of Fudan University and his team devoted years of research and compiling work to fully show the fruitful collection of Wang Anshi and his son Wang Pang. It is an important achievement in the collation of ancient books. It is of great significance to the studies of political history of the Song Dynasty, the history of philosophy, the history of literature, the academic history, and even the study of the whole Chinese cultural history.

About the Author£º
Wang Shuizhao, PhD Supervisor of Fudan University. In October 1992, he was awarded "National Expert with Outstanding Contribution." In 1998, he was elected Chair Professor of Fudan University.


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