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>> Books > Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Interpretation of Classics selects 8 volumes of Chinese classics together with interpretations written by top experts in the particular fields. This collection is one of the best choices for young readers who are learning Chinese culture and literature, as well as those who are interested in learning about Chinese poems. It has also been one of the best-sellers of FUP over the years.

Author£ºCai Yijiang
Date of publication£ºNovember 2008
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Mr. Cai Yijiang is an outstanding expert in the poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasties. He concisely and clearly explains to readers all kinds of knowledge of Ci, such as names, genre characteristics, evolution process and famous schools. Meanwhile, he makes accurate annotation and translation of each Ci in this book.

Author£ºShi Liangzhao
Date of publication£ºMarch 2009
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Capturing the nature of Qu poems of the Yuan Dynasty, using annotations and translation, the author helps readers easily reach the spiritual world of Qu. Meanwhile, the readers also can get the atmosphere of life style in the Yuan Dynasty.

Author£ºLi Mengsheng
Date of publication£ºJune 2007
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Li Mengsheng, a well-known classical literature specialist, selects 300 representative poems from a broad range, which basically reflect the style and achievement of the Song Dynasty poetry. By the author's meticulous annotation, translation and interpretation, the readers are able to get the endless charm of classical poetry and recognize the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture.

Author£ºHui Qiyuan
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2007
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

The author selects 518 pieces of Ci poem from 257 poets (from the Tang Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty). Combing previous experts¡¯ views with his personal experience, the author shows us the graceful beauty and sentiment of Ci in all past dynasties.

Author£ºLi Mengshen
Date of publication£ºDecember 2007
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Author£ºZhao Changping
Date of publication£ºAugust 2006
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Professor Zhao Changping is a well-known expert in the Tang Dynasty literature, who has profound and unique cognition of the evolution history of Tang Dynasty poems. His interpretation is comprehensive, precise, novel and rich, and the readers could appreciate the infinite charm of Tang Dynasty poems in a limited time.

Author£ºWang Yaoming
Date of publication£ºApril 2009
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

Author£ºCai Yijiang
Date of publication£ºApril 2007
Series£º Interpretation of Classics£¨8 volumes£©

The author selects poetry, Ci, Qu and Fu of various versions in A Dream of the Red Mansions, and makes detailed interpretation for each one, including illustrations, notes, comments, and so on. His precise interpretation, authentic background information, as well as colorful, fascinating artistic analysis help readers to get a better understanding of this masterpiece.


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